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If your home or office feels cold or uncomfortable, I can clear the space and lighten the atmosphere.

A Tibetan Bowl Space Clearing Ceremony is a powerful way for you to move out old stuck energy that occupies that space and bring in and awaken new energy to support your goals and intentions. Clients feel the energizing, motivating effects of this process immediately.

Sometimes a space contains dark or heavy energy that dates back generations. You may wonder why you can't make things happen there, or why you feel anxious, depressed or tense, why clutter removal seems impossible or you are unmotivated.


Space clearing is a process that arises out of a strong desire to enact change in your life. It is an exercise in getting clear about your intentions while also neutralizing prior hindrances that may still be in that space. Your intention creates a field of energy that acts as a magnetic force for drawing your desires to you. The principals of attraction state that what you focus on is what you will create. My space clearing service with Tibetan Bowls goes through every room in your house and each and every corner where old energy might be hiding out resulting in a powerful purification, heightened motivation, vigor and the implementation of your hearts desires

Space Clearing will help you release hindrances and stuck energy both in your body and in your living/working space making room for your hearts desires.

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